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Group Sales

Nomadic Gentleman is dedicated to serving groups with the best service and experience our client's will ever experience suit shopping. For Weddings, if a group of 5 groomsman purchase a suit, we will gift the Groom with his suit for free as while as a free tie and suit accessories provided for each groomsman and the Groom!
For sports team looking to elevate their teams while traveling on the road, we offer great deals on team sales, providing discounts to the jackets/suits purchased for coaching staff. We offer product customization such as your team mascot/name on the suit/blazer jacket!
For the first time ever, anyone can make money selling suits. Nomadic Gentleman has created an uncapped commission structure allowing anyone to make money selling our suits, regardless of your language, location or ...... well anything to be honest! Whether you're an athlete on the team, a coach, medical training staff, fan, you can make money with Nomadic Gentleman! 
For group orders or to register a group sale with Nomadic Gentleman, contact us at sales@nomadicgent.com