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Traveling to Provide Aide to Immigrant Families in Tijuana

For those of you who know me, you know just how important travel is to me. I believe it can be one of the most powerful, life-changing aspects of a person's life and personal development. Many of us this holiday season will have the privilege of being able to go travel to visit loved ones, travel to exotic and beautiful locations and be able to return home afterwards, myself included. For others, it will be the complete opposite. They will be traveling to try and start a new and better life for themselves, probably never to return to the place they once knew as home.

This holiday season, I want to be able to use my privilege to travel to help others. So I will be traveling down to Tijuana for a little under a week on the Mexican side of the border to help and volunteer with groups and organizations providing assistance to the immigrants caravan that has been moving north and have now reached the city of Tijuana. I will be volunteering with several groups that provide soup kitchen access, legal pro bono work, medical aide and assistance, job placement, immigration transition and emergency services to immigrants that have made it to Tijuana and are waiting to cross over into the US.

I will be there before, during and after Christmas Eve and Christmas, so I hope to be able to purchase basic necessities such as baby food, diapers, water, medicine, blankets (winter season), food, feminine hygiene products and potentially be able to buy some presents for some children as well! 

My trip is 100% self-funded and paid for (I already have my travel & accommodation booked),  so don't worry about  sponsoring a trip to Mexico! The money would be for the supplies and materials purchased for the people in need. I'm thankful I have the flexibility and opportunity to be able to give back this holiday season. For those who aren't but still want to give back, every dollar counts and will go to helping people who are in dire need of human compassion!

Thank you in advance and I hope we can come together to make an impact!



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